Local victim-serving organizations are funded from a range of sources that include government grants, foundation grants, corporate support, and donations. Some funding that is provided is only for supporting victims of crime, while other funding is only for non-criminal cases (sudden death/suicide, motor vehicle accidents, etc…). Some generous donors and funders provide money that can be used to support the greatest needs.

All victim-serving organizations believe that access to support is essential, and a lack of access to support would be inhumane. For that reason, we do not charge for services and do not receive fee for service revenue for our work.

With the prolonged economic instability and the impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic, many local victim-serving organizations have experienced a decrease in their revenue. They do not have the resources to fundraise and organize events themselves, and the community groups who were organizing community fundraisers on their behalf are not permitted to gather because of the pandemic.

And, the Government of Alberta is poised to make changes to the Victims of Crime and Public Safety Act later this year. You can learn about the act here. We don’t know what changes will be made, but we know that any changes that reduce funding, increase costs, or limit access to resources for victim-serving organizations could cause barriers to their ability to continue serving victims of crime.

We believe that victims of crime should not have to worry about whether or not they can afford the support they need to heal, and that victim advocates should not have to wonder if the work they are doing on behalf of or with a victim is funded.

We would appreciate your support as we advocate for ourselves and for local victim-serving organizations. Please take a moment and tell someone you know that you think providing support to victims is important. If you’re looking to do more – you can send a letter to us, your MLA or to the Minister of Justice.

The Alberta Police Based Victim Services Association (Victim Services Alberta) is not government funded.